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Iglesia Cristiana Jesus is Lord Intl. Center

Raul y Ruth

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CONVEYANCE: In consideration for the purchase price paid by the buyer (“buyer”) of this Digital Download from Jesus is Lord International Christian Church (“Seller”), Seller hereby grants, sells and conveys the following to the Buyer: (1) the downloadable media, and (2) the intellectual property rights owned by Seller or its affiliates in and to the digital image files downloaded, subject to: any and all intellectual property rights owned by the Seller and its affiliates or by any third party in and to properties displayed in or as part of such digital images files when such files are rendered into visible form; and the following terms and conditions contained herein.

RIGHTS AND RESTRICTIONS CONCERNING USE: Buyer agrees that he/she has not resell, or otherwise use in any commercial manner (i.e. use, duplicate, display in any form or fashion, whether now known or hereafter developed, for the purpose of receiving or facilitation the receipt of financial remuneration or any other consideration), the digital image flies downloaded or photographic prints created from the digital images downloaded to your computer known as “Photographs”. Buyer and Seller agree that Buyer shall have the right to create duplicates of the digital images downloaded to a computer and the photographs for personal use and to give as gifts, so long as such duplicates are not used in a commercial manner as described herein.

EXCLUSION: The images contained in this website can also be used by the Buyer as a form of Portfolio for Model Agencies.